2015-01-19 16.05.58

This being weird agenda is kinda getting out of hand to me, I mean I know it depends on what I call weird but I think we can all agree dresses on men is pretty weird. Now some people will call that gay, but these people have wives, girlfriends, and fiance’s and outside of the dress have pretty normal lives. What I can’t understand is the acceptance the world have for this type of behavior and the media making it o.k to the youth, the new cool is things we have never accepted in life. I feel like the weirder the more success you will have, and for the record I don’t judge but we have to be careful on not confusing our next generation which might be a little too late. When I was in school the weird guy sat by themselves and no one talked to them because they were weird, now I know you think I’m talking about the visual being weird, no I’m talking about the visual and the perspective being weird big difference. Dressing like woman shouldn’t be cool on anybody watch, but the media is literally changing that perspective right before our eyes, I mean I get it we all a little weird in our own way but it shouldn’t be to make what should be normal uncomfortable. Now lets define the word weird means strange, uncanny, supernatural, etc, seems harmless right? you might be right, but the agenda of our world is weird period I mean strange, we should all be cool with change, but when change makes cool strange we all have to question ourselves. If being weird is you by all means be weird be different, weird also bring things to this world that is helpful and I’m definitely cool with that but if weird define things that’s morally not right, then weird will never be cool with me.-NIMO              


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