2015-01-19 16.05.58

Often times artist get purpose and job mixed up, just because you know how to do something or even know how to do it well don’t mean that’s your destiny. I know that’s a hard pill to swallow even for me to chase a dream just to get there to understand that a position in the game may not be for you. I say that to say this, never do what you want to do for life strictly for money, do things to make your soul purpose feel fulfilled in this world. I personally love music but I love all types of business even more I like how things run and work, so I’m a artist that just happen to know how to rap big difference of being a rapper. I mean you can even hear it in my music I’m business man. I see a lot of artist trying to prove to others that their cool through music, prove it to self before you try to prove it to the world. I feel everyone in this world is special and bring special things to the table, don’t follow the trend, let your true light shine of being great period GOD created you to be a inspiring dope human being not just on a track follow your heart.-NIMO


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