2015-01-19 16.05.58

Now we as artist talks about this indie thing all the time, and I came to realize a lot of artist are indie by default not choice, so that raises questions if you had a true choice would you sign a deal or continue to do you. Plenty of artist won’t say the real to save face but I’m indie through default but understanding the game a little bit more each day makes me want to stay indie no matter what or what I call it, “indie help”. So what’s “indie help”, indie help to me is partnering with a major for distribution or some area for your own label you lack, many artist I don’t think understand what it takes to be true indie that means do everything and I mean everything yourself. The number one thing to me artist have a tough time on is understanding you have to spend money on self all the time and learn overtime how to flip it. I personally talk about labels in the way I do because I know the things labels won’t do and majority of it has to do with really putting you in that light or shine. Labels work like this just because you sign means nothing until you have a song or image that can stick, so if that’s the case you might as well stay indie until you get hot because guess what that’s the same thing any major is going to tell you. You have to realize everybody’s not built to be indie, I personally understands it’s hard to be indie, lot of bullshit you got to learn and go through, untimely  you control, just imagine people holding you back at a label that maybe don’t understand you as an artist and mainly you don’t own a damn thing there quite scary if you ask me choose wisely.-NIMO  


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