2015-01-19 16.05.58

This is a topic for many years that have been neglected to me, because for a while anybody that’s lived in the hood or had  humble up bringing’s looked at corporate america as being our enemy. Now I’m going to try to break it down in a way to not look at it in a way of negativity or disappointment. First of all I feel 100% of the world need and want a steady finance for their current and future lives, with that said just know people from the hood have more advantage in the corporate world. Corporate is not built on schooling which we all think, to me it’s build on instinct and drive which how many people in the hood has, I mean for me to walk the streets of CHICAGO I wouldn’t make it out without those two important factors. The hood guy maybe sell drugs which is product, the corporate guy sells something which is a product but both guys want to make money and win, what’s the difference don’t tell me clothes or area the mentality is the same just one’s legal and the other not. We have all witness some of the grimmest hip-hop artist turn mogul because they feel and know what’s next, it create’s other corporate companies to believe in that same person that they looked down on to cut them a check. Often times the hood hate the word “corporate” or even “commercial” simply because those people in both of those worlds have never stayed on the same block as us, and maybe we’ve had some type of bad run in with these people through a job or a difference in prospective.  Now that we know that there’s no difference and those from the bottom have the pure advantage, let’s stop fearing the word and conquer the just of of it, instinct and drive. -NIMO



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