2015-01-19 16.05.58

I always used to think to myself whatever happened to blues, jazz, or rock? so, I had to ask the question of those genre’s falling off and can they be resurrected to the height of hip-hop lets discuss it. I wouldn’t call those genre’s lost but let’s be real they are not the most notable, I really don’t think any of that type of music can bounce back, simply because hip-hop is the most rebellious music out there always was and always will be. The way of the world in my opinion is rebellious to certain agenda’s good or bad and the only way to express those type of feelings is through hip-hop, although rock can be rebellious music but if most people can’t hear the damn words that genre lose. Hip-hop has run with the listeners and most musicians even r&b has either conformed or left the music industry completely, you have to understand that those genre’s was potent with talent and still is meaning; jazz, blues, rock or r&b was not something you did because everybody else did it, you truly had to have a nach and just be truly blessed with that particular talent. It’s a lot of talent in those genre’s that’s dope especially that’s young, but you wouldn’t know it because everything an artist create still have a heavy feel of hip-hop, appearing to still have a large lead in influence of  artist that continue’s to grow overtime. So can they make a major comeback of course but artist in those genre’s have to stay pure to the art before they can even crossover, make a name for themselves and continue to grow, maybe then it can become a wildfire as much as hip-hop.-NIMO       


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