2015-01-19 16.05.58

I’m going to make this one short, first of all shout out to all the artist that’s trying to get to it. Social media have become a powerful tool to artist that’s trying to promote their art, but within that promotion comes likes and commenting which can bring the “big head” or unconfidence  to many artist. I want to tell the artist that’s reading this or just anybody in general likes are cool, but in the world of business means absolutely nothing. Trust me it’s all a facade, what matters most is the individual that believe when no one else does, confident about working towards his or her future. You have to understand people suppose to like what you believe in and sometimes “likes” is not part of your story. Artist have to stop curving they self to people and start creating what embodies you, social media is the cousin to society, fuck what somebody think and take control of your own like button. I have personally seen artist fail just because the return love of a like is not in your favor, you have to stop worrying about the petty shit and create and stay consistent, a wise man told me who cares about likes when you getting looks, whats your choice? confidence is key.-NIMO


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