Now it’s really none of my business how you spend your money, but to be effective in the world today it have to be questioned. The biggest mistake I see artist do to me is believing in a lot of platforms that’s not credible, that’s not going to help you get ahead in the end, or killing they self to be on a mtv, bet, or vh1 platform. Don’t get me wrong those are credible sources and a good look for your image as an artist but they won’t work for you consistently. What do I mean by consistently, showing an artist after that video is playing what’s next in a marketable way, you will be surprised how many artist don’t know how to really market themselves to keep people talking or just interested. Money is power in a sense so you don’t want to give it away on the things that won’t build your future. Your business model have to be up to par because music has changed tremendously over the years as far as record sales, how we as artist drop music and expanding the brand of that artist, build platforms and own everything you do because the more you own your businesses the better you can change it overtime to benefit you and your family trust me. Tidal should have shown everyone that it’s something brewing and it wont benefit  you if you’re not a major artist no disrespect to the tidal team I honestly think it’s  a great idea, just not for the struggling artist. Many artist spend their money on performing shows which is also is a good thing, I mean a great thing but the  mistake with some artist, is worrying about getting other artist on the bill, and that may just be to bring a bigger audience out to see them perform. Performing gets people talking but if you want to build your brand, stop having shows asking people to pay to see you perform and they barely knew you rap, build shows by giving things away for free such as food, drinks, gear, money , etc, sounds crazy to the artist that never done it but that’s called investing in yourself and your future audience get the buzz going. An artist nowadays can’t just be an artist they have to be business savvy also, the only way I see an unsigned artist surviving in the next 3 years is through ownership, innovation meaning the idea you seek has to be one of the dopest out, or teaming up through venture of someone who has a dope platform and moving towards the future. Which to me being non bias is HEATHERBNYCE on WWW.HEATHERBNYCE.COM and our new venture MUSICDROPMAGAZINE are going to be one of the biggest life line for even artist as myself. Pay close attention to business and what you paying for, you can sometimes get money back but never time wasted.-NIMO


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