2015-01-19 16.05.58

Remember when television was everything? well those times may be over, why you may ask, one word the internet. The internet has become so powerful over the last decade that people look to that source for main news, sports, and the number 1 thing music, having a talk with my wife I personally didn’t realize how the internet has taken completely over for artist signed or unsigned not just playing music tracks but everything about an artist which could be found on many blogs through out the internet. Now let’s dig a little deeper, artist that once was very popular all of a sudden wasn’t even mentioned despite these artist still sell out a room full of fans and could have performed a week earlier on the letterman show, people just didn’t care. The reason for this is the internet and blogs not whispering and talking about you, blogs has become the people’s choice for celebrity news, not “E” or “B.E.T”or “THE VIEW” that’s right blogs. An artist can be more famous and known being on “BALLER ALERT” then he will be being on “OPERA” crazy right? or is it…. television just don’t have the same power it was had period, don’t think so ask WELVEN or DC YOUNGFLY sorry for the name drops but I want you to be clear how powerful the internet nowadays just is. Everything you could think of has or will be switched over to the internet,  its big business and may I add very lucrative, if you haven’t read my last blog go back and read it, simply because I just mentioned we as artist have to be ready with a business model that is built for the future not the present or like back in the days. We live in a generation of rebellions, television is programmed, internet is built for the people ran by the people big difference. Now don’t get me wrong I would love to be on any of the shows I mentioned earlier but that’s because I’m more than just an artist so I like to spread myself in all areas. But for the most part people want to be famous and be famous fast and get money fast, the greatest way to full fill that is through the internet. I got plenty of t.v ‘s in my house and my favorite station to watch is a little something called “YOUTUBE”, wait that’s not on television, I think you get my point.-NIMO


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