2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I personally always wanted to know some of artist answers to this particular question, because me as an artist and a person that handles 100% of my business aspect it can be a little difficult to still be creative. Some of your dopest artist have this problem also, you as an artist suppose to be selfish with your craft and the time put into making your craft has to be fully focused on. This is why you have managers and assistants not so much to guide you but more so to manage your time spent on other things outside of your music. I’m hands on, always have been so I may love the challenge of doing the majority of my own business, with that said I have to really be inspired to make music, I’m a businessman first, artist second. But for artist that loves being just an “artist” nowadays have to come out that mentality, simply because its way too many vultures for you to hand over your gift without knowing the business side of what’s really going on. You have to use business as your catapult to be inspired by your music, so does business affect artist yes, because there are artist that do great business but songs are whack and there are artist that do great music and business is terrible it all goes hand in hand, be a brand , be the business and create music that support those two things and never have to worry about it being the best creative wise because you created what embodies those two things, we call it two birds one stone, always works.-NIMO


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