2015-01-19 16.05.58

Now I can honesty say we all got vices, what’s a vice, you know the thing you like or may even love to do that you may shouldn’t be doing, which could be a wide variety of things for some artist and just people in general. Now in my opinion a lot of artist vices stop them for being even greater, o.k I’m going to start with mine from time to time I like to procrastinate on projects, don’t know why I just like to do it thinking I have more time to get it done than I actually do. Me doing this stupid little thing can turn into problems for me as an artist for many reasons in the future, but if I can get right immediately, then I could get more done have more time to do what I like to do some time that’s “procrastinate”, see how that works. Many artist now wouldn’t admit that they have vices that’s literally in the way of their true success, some like drugs, sex, spending habits or playing video games, hanging with the homies or whatever, I’m here to tell you those things maybe stopping you from your potential. I know a lot of artist is reading this like how, I smoke, have sex, cop Jordans, party, play games and chill on the ave and got hits, but I bet you this you not where you want to be, you know why? those destructive vices we all have that stunts your growth sometimes. I challenge any artist to cut out one of your vices and watch your songs become better, your love life, your faith, your prospective, your work habit period. This game has to have your full attention no matter how bad you want to do what you want to do when you want to do it, discipline is key. I’m not saying just to stop cold turkey but alter those things a  little bit, it will become a world of difference, for you to become the dopest artist we all deserve to be.-NIMO 


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