2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I know a lot of people look at this title like of course arrogance isn’t needed in business, but pardon my difference in thought I truly think it is let me explain why. First of all what does the word “arrogance” even mean, well it means to have pride, conceited, big headedness, egotism to just name a few, and of course those things no one wants to attached themselves in business to. But what if I told you it’s needed in the fact that you have to be a little arrogant if you’re trying to be great in business because you must have the audacity to believe you can change something that many people smarter than you, richer than you have failed at. Many people outside of business are going to look at you as being arrogant anyway, just because some people can’t fathom the incredible things you want to accomplish. Business nowadays is pretending to do business, so when an individual that is totally about progress, winning, no excuses type of person in this society, get ready to hear your arrogant. I see it as this I want arrogant people about business and what they can accomplish, not arrogant people in general that’s never good, always remember some of the most successful people in life they call arrogant, and that my friend will never ever change.-NIMO


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