2015-01-19 16.05.58

We as artist all want a big, big fan base, but often times we all struggle with as an artist how to obtain that cult of a big fan base. Well I know I use to think to be on t.v or a popular show was the answer to get a huge fan base which in all cases it absolutely is, but that’s not as organic as to grab them through just pure music. To me, empathy as an artist is to understand all walks of life and situations, when you start to shed light on those things to the people is when you can organically grab their ear for life. I hear so many artist talk about just their point of view which is good, but you have to put yourself in all generations shoes to grasp the moment of true artistry.  All artist can’t be as dope or as clever or as witty as you talk about it, people have differences all the time about various subjects and behavior, as an artist you have to come up with the subconscious of the word “why” in the conversation. Social media to me has striped artist of empathy simply because the attitude of “my profile I can say what the hell I want to say” which is true but do anybody stop to realize how turned off it may make people to what you’re trying to accomplish. I often wonder do artist truly care about winning people over with perspective, because if you’re not, as a fan and a student of hip hop you won’t ever make to the top or just period. How can we all as human beings get complete euphoria is the question I ask myself over and over again, to the point I have empathy not only for my family but everybody family and to me that keeps me as an artist gaining true fans all over the world, you don’t have to agree just continue to watch NIMO work.-NIMO


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