Often times we as artist feel we have to make the perfect move in order to win, and some feel like if it’s not perfect they won’t move at all. So my question is to artist as myself how would you know what’s the right or perfect move if your to scared to fail. Failure builds character, through that failure you often times come out way wiser then when you went in, some artist wait their entire career just to make a power move, to find out that the so-called “power move” they made wasn’t quite a power move at all. Faith is a powerful word artist or not, you must have a little more of it to succeed period, theirs no such thing as the perfect situation defiantly in the music business. Now I’m not saying don’t be cautious but be in the moment of your time, if you see artist passing you up, it’s not because their better, their just willing to do more than wait. Never be scared to fail, the true failure is the talk of excuse and assumptions, get in there find your way and own it, the most successful artist have failed more times than you lived, those are the artist that become legends because of their perseverance not rhymes or their singing voice, jump! build your wings on the way down.-NIMO


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