It’s been a while folks, I’ve officially moved to LA, focusing on my career and so far it’s been a true blessing. Now let’s talk facts everyone does music nowadays right? so, if that’s a fact why artist still have the same mindset of selling music with no product or anything of a brand to attach your music to. As an artist you have to focus on both and try to figure out how to tie the two together, do art and build a business around that art, not as simple as saying it but it can be done. Your music will be thrown in cesspool of other people music that maybe don’t take it as serious as you, I’ve personally learned a lot this year so far, enough to understand this is a business not about your true talent that you think you’re so good people just suppose to hand you check, let me tell you your wrong. If you have a product or have built a brand for yourself no matter what you rap or sing about, 9 out of 10 your going to win, these things is what truly separates you from other artist in 2015. I’m defiantly focused on music but right now I’m doing everything in power towards product and business. Think about it, have you being recording great music but no response, that fact of the matter is, for someone to put marketing dollars on you, you have to have something to market other than music trust me. The game has changed, so you have to adapt to make it, create a product that’s never been created and watch your music sore when you tie the two together.-NIMO


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