2015-01-19 16.05.58

Often people think of the music business being a great thing of relationships and socialites, which it is in some cases. Never get it confused to be more than business, it’s about money and how to spend to flip that money, throw some artist in there, some fake smiles here and there, that’s the music business. People often fall out of it when they learn the business side of it, because it’s never what they thought. I learned this a while ago being more interested in more of the business aspects of it all, you learn people will say anything, do anything, and pretend very well like they practice it. Now this is not to discourage anyone because every relationship is different in a way but trust me it’s all business. I always keep these things in mind while I’m doing ventures with my music, that’s why I never get upset with anyone because it’s just business never personal well at least it should never be. I’m an artist that don’t hang around other artist as much…..you know why?  I whether keep it business because being around a lot of artist no disrespect they start to think were friends when in all reality were not, just doing the same thing at the time, artist sometime don’t understand the business approach so I just stay out of artist way.  The moral of this story is keep it business you save yourself a lot of time and stress, if business not right move on to the next business that simple, no one owes nobody nothing stay humble stay dope and do what I do…….handle your business. -NIMO


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