Why is hip- hop so sensitive?

2015-07-29 01.58.23-4

This actually blog I’m writing today comes from a place of prospective. Why is hip hop so sensitive? Here’s a couple reasons why: first of all hip hop is a competitive sport everyone wants to be the best and I mean everyone but there’s a thin line between opinion and a fact. The fact of the matter is not everyone will consider you the best the dopest the illest or even a superstar, if majority of artists have ultimate confidence in their self there wouldn’t be ny beef or conflict it would  just be music. The worst thing in the world is to be an artist and not have confidence in self because social media, have became a platform for opinion and sometimes rude opinion but we as Artist never have to reply to negativity. I always felt that validation kills your talent when you start needing validation from the public you become more sensitive to the opinion. How do we fix this as artist ? Well first things first have confidence no matter who’s hot Or who’s not focus on your own journey and the opinions will start to fade away. I created my own lane and I stay in it no matter who likes it oh who doesn’t I’m still me, everyone has a preference your preference as an artist is to put out the best material an artist can put out. Stop giving opinions power is the best way. – Nimo


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