2015-07-29 01.58.23-4

First and foremost,Selling records is an old model.Nowadays everybody should be selling brands and brand names, you sell customers your lifestyle not just a record for the time. Selling records are old because no one has the attention span to study an album or even a single, it all dies out like cheap batteries. The biggest solution I see is to get back to what makes you truly happy other than music, meaning what inspires the music you actually record. All those things generally makes up why people like you as an artist, the music is the topping of your cake. Marketing is a lost art in the music business, just pay attention to most if not all labels right now are getting negative feedback by some of their most accomplished artist. The question is why? personally to me it’s the marketing it sucks period, social media shouldn’t be the only way to market, for example Oprah Winfrey giveaway on her show, not only market the things she was giving away but the things she loved personally gave the audience an idea of who she truly was on her down time. So what I am saying is stop trying to sell people music and sell people what you love and most of the time it’s simply your life.-NIMO


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