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This blog is very important to those who have created a lot of music, videos, blogs etc. etc. If you don’t have a home for it, what do I mean by home, a website, a store, an app, you know ownership. It’s very important to have one of those things I just named because the music industry is changing rapidly and you might be left in the cold as an unsigned artist. If your not thinking to own the house of what you created then it’s a great chance someone else may own it, take it, or just not look at what you have done already not to be creditable. You have tidal, spotify, soundcloud, pandora, itunes, youtube, all that’s not owned by you. What does that actually mean, it means anyone of those entities decide to not cover unsigned artist or make unsigned artist pay not a one time fee but every month, who loses??? You have to see yourself as a brand now, not waiting for a label to create your brand, have you ever heard of a 360deal?? look it up. Be an innovator all this music and video’s with no home get’s pimped by those with one, always remember that.So it’s fine to have a lot of work out there but it’s also important to make sure your babies and your projects are your babies, have a place to call their own. Create your your own destiny.-NIMO




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