Why I’m into art now? well everything people do is art, it is a celebration of your expression or emotional power. One thing every person in this world have to do is live their own truth and stop trying to be cool and understand that the cool is within you already GOD has blessed you with it. Art shows true character  and with any art here comes the critics, but when you a true artist you won’t ever care about critic’s more than you care about creating music, paintings, dance, literature, platforms, etc. etc. Basquiat had that formula way back then and when you study that fact it becomes more of your inspiration, he had his rough edges like we all do, but in the midst of life in a city full of hate, crabs, and negetivity. He found his truth and lived in a world where non of those things existed, can you say the same?  I know I can and will continue to thrive because of it.-NIMO                                                       



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