2015-07-29 01.58.23-4Now don’t quote me on this but I was once told by an A&R that it is over 400,000 unsigned artist in the world. So when you see major companies start to buy the platforms up means their trying to re-up most of the money they lost over the years which could be billions, who knows. But this very thing should be a major concern to the careers of many unsigned artist. The only reason unsigned artist have been effective is because of the free platforms ran by the people, not the industry. This means they really can control who gets a look, and personally I feel if you have anything to truly say you won’t ever get that look. I told plenty of artist this a while ago, you have to own your own platform to preserve the music because in a little while it’s going to be more artist on the outside looking in. It’s a lot of loop holes and I talk about the main ones in (“THE GALLERY: OF A MIND WITH NO MONEY AND NO BACKING”) book on Amazon.com, you wouldn’t believe some of the things was told to me directly from labels and A&R’s mouths. The main things people think their being creative doing trust me when I tell you this they ain’t checking for, I know this for a fact. So, that makes you wonder what are they checking for and personally I feel they checking for people that’s dumb founded about the business and music. This is basically a warning now to people still pursuing record deals, indorsements, money, ownership etc, etc, it’s all smoking mirrors. Don’t get me wrong it’s possible but get it all on your own, no more spoon-feeding from the majors, they about to make it real uncomfortable for independents so if you haven’t started to really think ownership, you may want to start right about now!


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