2015-07-29 01.58.23-4Now what lyor taking over YouTube music got to do with you? at this very moment,  maybe nothing, but in the long run it will affect music or videos on YouTube. The question now is how will it affect music on YouTube, ready here we go, lyor has been rumored to be a culture vulture which means taking something that is not your own culture and completely miss using it for monetary gains only. YouTube has been kind of the free world for artist signed or unsigned, lyor is the owner of 300 ent. if don’t know what that is do your googles. Music has not been on the high as far as sells for a while now, and the only thing unsigned artist has a platform that’s been popping for a while is YouTube. Well how would you feel if the very platform that makes you feel free with the music you make being ran by a guy that created the 360 deal, hmmmm makes you think a little. I said a while ago that many companies are buying platforms to be ran by labels to help their artist sells boost even if it means cutting the little man out. Now I dont know to the t what it all means but I guarantee it’s not to help the artist that need a boost or a bigger platform, start creating your own now! -NIMO  


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