“Don’t follow trends, follow the money in business”

Who don’t love a good trend every once in a while rather that be clothes, shoes, cars, jewelry etc. But in order to understand business and how to sustain ownership of your brand, sell and cosumership you have to follow the money. If you didn’t know one of the richest men in the world Warren Buffett just (sold 900 million usd) shares of Wal-Mart. Now I know you feel like what would that move have to do with you, pay attention it has everything to do with you for now and the future. Let me further explain, if someone of Warren Buffet wealth sell that much in shares is not good for the company, consumers, or employees. So if you look closely that just tells you that he feels that a company like Wal-mart business model is old and done, because of ecommerce and digital stores like Amazon, in the future why would you need a Wal-mart. The millennials spend more time than ever on a computer for everything clothes, shoes, music, movies etc. a Wal-mart will not be able to continue in the near future to compete. So, you have to ask yourself do you have a digital store yet? well if not you’re not being wise because when it all said and done we all want a part of the success of  ecommerce and you should have it if you act now not later. Let me tell you guys something if you still waiting on handouts, jobs, money, food, deals in the near future you’re going to be in for big surprise. The digital world has given each person access to sell, what are you waiting for.-NIMO  


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