Does numbers matter???

Most people ask this question a lot……. does numbers matter in anything far as marketing and I say no. The reason I say no is because marketing to a wide variety of people won’t ever matter if  the marketing doesn’t make any sense, meaning if you throwing darts in the dark hoping people like your brand or buy your product your marketing wrong. Which in many cases when you’re marketing wrong numbers will forever matter because you don’t know who you’re aiming and who likes what. So there’s always a solution for this meaning think about who you aiming and what they truly like to not focus on numbers and numbers alone. It does not matter if you have 5 people liking what you do as long as you stay loyal to what they like. You can have a million followers and not one sell or anyone of that million that can push your career any further than where it stands. Focus on people who can help your career not just the general public, you will always be left with many numbers but no existence in your field of business.-NIMO


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