How to Stay Inspired Without the Income

What’s up guys. I was asked by Nimo to share how I stay inspired and driven to work on my passion and dreams when I have yet to profit from them. I find this question is complex to answer but also very simple.

I enjoy the time when I can tap into my creative side. I enjoy creating content of all types. And when you enjoy what you do naturally, I believe you have alot more patience when it comes to turning a profit on your business. And honestly most of the time my head is focused on the pavement if I’m not blogging on then I’m thinking of the next youtube video to post. But I know, your question is how do I stay inspired to do so?

So, I partake in watching the content that inspires me. Yes, I’m a content creator that enjoys watching other content creators. Doesn’t that make sense? If you enjoy making something, let’s say a look-book for example, then watch other look-books. That should get your creative wheels going and eventually you’ll put something together in your mind. If you like reading about lifestyle blogs, create one of your own.

The true key is to make sure your atmosphere is inspiring. Which is why we moved to California. My home is inspiring with art pieces and crafty nicknacks that makes me look at my environment in different ways. The people in my life, particularly my husband inspires me because he’s just as creative as I am sometimes when you put us both together we can make monumental things happen. My social media is inspiring. I don’t follow anyone that doesn’t have anything to offer me to make me better or more creative.

So, keep those things in mind when you’ve hit your road block. Play a new playlist, get a candle, go on a hike or walk, read new content, watch new youtubers. Just do something. Don’t stay uninspired. This is your life to live and you should absolutely be making the most out of it, even if no one ever sees.






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