“Psychology of rapping and why so many people do it”

Let’s get right into it first, I’m no psychologist nor expert these are only my truths. Why do so many people rap? well let’s break it down, you have the people who do it as an art, you have the people who do it as an expression, you have the people that do it as a quick come up, and the people who strictly do it for fame, clout, and money. When you take a broad look into society its hard to just live a stable life and even harder to be heard and understood, people is not as confident as you may think which brings in the urge to be liked, faked love and or fake rich. Confidence can be brought in many arts, skills and expression so why rap? rap for one doesn’t require any schooling, patience, study and even just taking your time to learn its instant. You literally can start rapping as I’m typing this blog, it’s funny but true, I was cut from the cloth of nothing happens overnight but it’s hard for some when the tech world is so instant and so right now. Come on let’s be real a lot of things we hear now days is trash which brings in other trash to replace last year trash, don’t get me wrong it’s some good music out there but 90percent of it is wack. I want to be great so personally I do it all, I want to become a monopoly not a one gear vehicle. We don’t have to be scared of what people think just because we may or may not be rapping be it all, be great. You dont have to rap to be cool, loved or rich open your mind we have enough rappers, we need leaders, stop chasing checks and be the one  who writes them. I only mean the best for all no hate, just be more, create more and live for more than just rap, it’s plenty options.-NIMO 


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