2015-01-19 16.05.58

 I often sit and wonder what’s gonna happen when no music is free, because trust me it’s coming faster than you think. We all take advantage of the free music as we should, why pay when I can get it for free it what we all say. As an artist I have to think of my own music how would I feel, I sold my album for $400 for a reason everyone would soon see. The more artist have control of their masters the more they have control of how their music is sold, a lot of people are sleep to knowing just that. People get mad when you slap a price on your art which is crazy, can anyone tell you to go to work for free, I don’t think so. We are spoiled with free music I get it, but when your favorite artist start to charge a price we get offended why is the question, you know why we still don’t appreciate the work that’s put into art itself. I guess people won’t get new music when everything is a cost…….. of course not, this is why you don’t hoe your music out and stay exclusive because when they done with the free and all the other platforms my music will still be untouched, new, innovative and fresh. You don’t believe me it’s cool just pay attention to the new waves of new platforms and how they are gaining control of their own music. When artist stop signing record contacts and want to be independent the fans that get music for free is in trouble. I feel like any artist should want to put a price on their art, it’s yours take pride in it. Plenty artist are scared to charge due to fear that people won’t mess with them. You might be right but that’s right now, music is a marathon, business is a priority know the difference. So what will fans do when music is not free basically nothing they will conform eventually, but if you are an artist know the difference between giving the fans something for free and giving them something for nothing, create your wave by creating your price.-NIMO


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